Sick of Baby Brain: 4 Tips for Getting Things Done

Before you have kids, you think that baby brain can’t possibly be a real thing. New mothers are tired and bound to get confused and flustered from time to time. But, many studies have already shown that baby brain is in fact tied to hormones. So, if you’re leaving your car keys in the fridge and trying to get into your car with a piece of cheese, it isn’t just fatigue that’s making you do it. Having said this, there are some ways you can be prepared to battle the baby brain. Here they are.

Make Lists

A pen and paper can be sent from the heavens when you’re trying to figure out why you forgot your mother’s birthday last week. For new mothers who are usually organized, dealing with a baby brain can be a really upsetting experience. Writing down lists can help you to remember things you don’t want to forget. It’s often helpful to have your lists right in front of you. So, sticking a large chalkboard to the fridge can be of benefit. When you have a quiet five minutes, write your list and try to tick things off as you go along.


There have been some fantastic apps created that will benefit new mothers. For example, if you leave the house in a rush after an hour of struggling to get the baby ready to go out, it’s easy to forget switching lights off or leaving the heating on. By downloading an energy app, you can control your electricity and heating from wherever you are. You can find out more here- There are also apps for mothers to organize feedings and keep track of cycles after breastfeeding.

Daily Exercise

Forget about losing the baby weight! Exercise isn’t just about getting in great shape. In fact, one of the best ways to ensure your mind stays sharp is to get some daily exercise. It may sound terrifying because you’re already fatigued, but exercise is a fantastic way of encouraging good circulation throughout the body and thus keeping the brain active and alert. It’s ideal for combatting baby brain. It’s also a great stress-relief if you’re finding parts of mother mood overwhelming. Getting exercise will mean you return home de-stressed and ready to be the best mother you possibly can be.

Your Diet

Sometimes, thinking about feeding yourself is the last thing on your mind when you have a newborn, but it’s so important. A healthy diet will give you the tools you need to be in top form. Foods like Salmon, eggs, walnuts, and berries can encourage memory function, so you’re less likely to be wandering around the house wondering where you left your phone.


Ah sleep, remember that? That ever-elusive friend that seems to have abandoned you when you need it most. Easier said than done, but if you get chance, try and grab a few naps at the same time as the kids. Getting plenty of rest will go a long way to ensuring your brain is functioning properly.

Just remember, this too shall pass.

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