An Introverts Guide to making Friendships Online

Sometimes, making friends can be really hard. Whether you’re in a work environment, at school, university or in general social situations, being approachable with others can be a stressful time for the introvert. Below are some ways in which you can make friends online and take your time being friendly and outgoing from the comfort of your own home.


Sometimes, sharing your passion for something close to you is one way to find lasting friendships online. Whether your passion is gaming, a TV show, reading, or even something more out there like model painting, you can find the forum for you. 

One way of finding forums is through search engines. You can always Google “reading forum” or “fashion forum”. However, with sites like Reddit and Tumblr, you can create a page that’s just for your hobby and find like minded people along the way. 

Bingo Sites

Another way to make friends is through playing games online. Bingo sites offer great beginner offers and have in-game chats when you play! There are hundreds of bingo sites out there today. However, Bingo Kings review sites for you. All that’s left for you to do is find the best offer for you on the site and take it from there!

Facebook Groups 

One way to engage online with others is through Facebook Groups. If you have a favourite TV show, why not search the name of it in the search bar and find all the relevant groups. One particular favourite of mine is Cool Dog Group, where you can find thousands of friendly people just talking to each other about dogs…

Instagram Pods

For the bloggers out there, why not start your own Instagram pod? These are amazing for providing engagement to your Instagram posts and finding new friends in the process. All you need to do in order to make a pod is find like minded bloggers and ask if they’d like to be involved in a pod with you. Once you have a solid group, you can make a group chat on Instagram which will serve as your pod. An Instagram pod ensures that everyone will comment on each other’s photos when asked. However, it can also be a great place to discuss mutual interests with each other!

How do you socialize online? Lets us know below! 

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