Fast But Effective Workouts For Busy Moms

Just because we have kids doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t look fit and healthy, fierce and fabulous. Ah, but who has the time? We’re told that being a Mom is a full-time job but when our children are born we realize that it’s not just your full-time job, it’s your entire life. A full-time job, however demanding, at least has lunch breaks, sick pay and the knowledge that you can clock off at the end of the day. Parenthood is a vocation that demands every minute of every day, it’s a fast-paced race against the clock that begins the moment your baby’s eyes open for the first time and ends… well, we’ll have to get back to you on that!

This constant battle against time leaves us very little opportunity to look after our bodies, as we muddle through the day relying on unhealthy convenience foods. Despite your burning desire to get your pre-baby body back it’s easy to feel that you just don’t have the time away from baby to get back in shape. 

The great news is that you don’t have to spend hours slaving away at the gym. You can make really significant gains without even letting your baby out of your sight. No more will motherhood be the reason you can’t take care of yourself.

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Minimum time, maximum effort

The most effective exercises use short bursts of high intensity so instead of going for a lengthy jog, opt for alternate turns briskly walking and sprinting. Yes, you can even do this with strollers, though some, such as the jog and stroll, are better equipped for fast movement than others. By alternating between gentle and intense exercises your body doesn’t have a chance to catch up and plateau as it does on a more leisurely jog. 

When you get back, there are some other exercises that you can follow up with that will take less than a half hour yet will result in some impressive gains… Alternate these exercises, aiming for 10-12 reps per set.

Tone your arms with chair dips

Place your hands on the edge of a chair and slowly lower your butt to the ground. This will strengthen your triceps and burn stubborn upper arm fat. Aim for 10-12 reps per set.

Sculpt your butt, legs, and tummy with chair squats

Squats are great because they’re compound exercises, meaning that they use multiple muscle groups at the same time, toning stubborn fat in those important areas while boosting your metabolism. Stand in front of a chair and squat down over it so that your butt hovers over the chair, without sitting on it. 

Get chiselled abs with the ‘butterfly’

Sit-ups are a complete waste of time. They’re a wasteful movement that actually works your hip flexors far more than your abs. Instead, use the butterfly. This involves laying on the ground with your feet together. Tighten your abs to raise your chest and shoulders off the ground. This is a smaller exercise but after a few, you’ll really feel it in your abs.

By alternating these exercises 3-4 days a week and embracing a balanced diet, you’ll notice maximum gains without even needing to take your eyes off your baby for a minute.

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