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Aug 23, 2017

Colgate-Palmolive Available Now at Lazada!

Most of us buy our things online,Less hassle especially when the brand you're looking for is also available online and you can also grab some great deals without going to supermarket and stuck in a heavy traffic.

Our Favorite Colgate Toothpaste brand is also available at Lazada and now they are proud to introduce us the new variant which is the new Colgate Active Salt Toothpaste.

It has:

 ●Powerful Formula with Salt
 ● Helps Fight Germs
 ● Refreshing Mint Taste

For a healthy gums and teeth

An Introverts Guide to making Friendships Online

Sometimes, making friends can be really hard. Whether you’re in a work environment, at school, university or in general social situations, being approachable with others can be a stressful time for the introvert. Below are some ways in which you can make friends online and take your time being friendly and outgoing from the comfort of your own home.


Sometimes, sharing your passion for something close to you is one way to find lasting friendships online. Whether your passion is gaming, a TV show, reading, or even something more out there like model painting, you can find the forum for you. 

One way of finding forums is through search engines. You can always Google “reading forum” or “fashion forum”. However, with sites like Reddit and Tumblr, you can create a page that’s just for your hobby and find like minded people along the way.