Thoughts, realizations and plans!

Everything has changed since the pandemic, the truth is we are all affected. It seems wearing masks, handwashing often, and disinfecting anything make our daily routine because we cannot see our enemy, the virus. And because we are following simple steps to make our lives safe and protected, little by little we managed the challenges that the pandemic brought to us. I remember, our family members change clothes immediately and take a bath whenever we are coming home from outside and we made sure everything is sanitized thoroughly, to be honest, we are not accepting visitors at that time because we are afraid of who might be the carrier, we don't know who will be the next and we don't want to that happen to anyone of us. 

Since the pandemic the economy, the businesses, and other individuals losses their jobs. All of us are affected, the reality is so heartbreaking because different small industries had no choice but to close their business. But, regardless of what had happened, people need to move and look forward. Because of the pandemic, there are people who found their talent, and their passion and started something to hold onto and not stop.

So many realizations from me and I think other people too, in a short period of time everything we have will be gone. People we love can leave us without a sign, we don't know until when our life is. One good thing that happened was there is still humanity people around the world are helping each other in a different ways they can.

One particular realization I thought of was to save and invest in things that will matter in the future. I need to give more importance to safety. Now, slowly our lives are going back to what it is but the world is different now and this is our new normal. many of us are adjusting.

I mentioned that I need to give more importance to safety and saving just in case of emergencies like what had happened. things will not be hard for my family that much. Anyway, so I stumbled upon this tool online that I can use for me to be able to buy the car I needed. Commuting is so hard and it's not safe especially after the pandemic most of us are still afraid of the virus. I thought it will be good for me to take a step. I am thinking of buying a brand-new or the used one what do you think's better? So I was saying, I just bookmarked this tool. Actually, it is a where you can calculate how much your monthly payment is, everything I need to know is here and I can say it's accurate. Plus, the scheduling of payment is a superb feature for me, I don't wanna be late in paying. How I can I save while paying for a car, right? My computation in everything must be exact for me to be able to do that. I know, I can.

It's been a long day for me today, guess what I am now playing the car lightning race just found it today and love it. Maybe you should too, try it and let's forget about anything for just a moment. 

My kids will play too, I know for sure because they asked me what's the sound they heard. Anyway, let me know your thoughts about my post, and take care!
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