Shapewear Choices

I love to wear that show my curvy body. It's like it gives me more confidence, I feel more beautiful and sexy. But, of course, sometimes there are dresses that won't agree with my decisions. After giving birth some of my clothes don't fit but that's okay because it is normal for our bodies as women. What I did was find a solution for myself to look and feel awesome in every clothes I wear. I am sharing what I am using and it's comfy, the best body shaper I have experienced.  I don't feel anything, and yes it's a thing for most ladies nowadays to buy theirs too!

This is the AirSlim® Barely-There Feels One-Piece Bodysuit from
features with breathable fabric that keeps you cool when you are wearing it if you are in-country like mine, this is a must-buy!

Our choices in fashion are different, but we all have in common and that is to feel comfortable when we wear the styles that we really like. In the growing market of fashion, companies are experimenting with new designs to cater to our needs.
Most women love to shop, for it's like therapy. When I am down or feeling blue sometimes when there's a store promotion or discount I always check out what's the new trend that suits my personality and mood. Most of my girlfriends love to wear shapewear, I think it's our common denominator. I think it's a must-have in our closet if you know what I mean. Shapewear developed throughout the decades, it's a growing trend in all ages. 

For casual day outfits, I love wearing jeans. My secret to a perfect fit is the shaper shorts. Look at the picture below, this one is from Shappellx the AirSlim® Lace Steel Boned Butt Enhancer effortlessly makes our thighs gorgeous and perfect, and yes it doesn't deform, and also it is anti-slip so no need to worry when wearing it. 

Lightweight fabrics materials are heaven, it is one of the qualities we are looking for when buying clothes or underwear. Thong shapewear is one of my wise choices, even recommended it to my friends because it really gives a comfortable feeling that you can move freely without worrying about any tags, or seamlines. 

For me, wearing shapewear is not about looking slim, but more about the comfort and confidence that it gives. So, it is better to learn the differences between the products if you are planning to buy, from the fabrics and all. It is good to be well-informed, do quick research, and read reviews too! 

Let me know if you love wearing shapewear too in the comments =) 
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