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Protecting Skin

Last month my family and I went on a vacation trip. We had so much fun under the sun enjoying the sea and yes I still got sunburn after, even if I had reapplied too much sunscreen still not enough. So maybe I thought because of what I wore, my swimwear was not protecting my skin enough. 

I have two kids so obviously I find it hard to find the right kind of swimwear for me, well it's not only for me because I am the mother of our family buying swimwear for the whole family is one of my obligations too! Anyway, I'm going to talk about myself and what I wanted when purchasing. Back again last month, because of that incident. On our next vacation trip or on the next purchase of my swimwear I am gonna look for the ones that cover my skin enough and of course, will look good on me. 

So, just recently actually about last week. I found this site, Lyra Swim, it's an online store where you can buy swimwear and I am not talking about ordinary swimwear because I saw swimsuits that I'm thinking of last month. For women out there who are like me, you might find your next favorite swimwear here at LYRA modest swimwear you can find comfy swimwears that'll boost more of your confidence while doing activities outdoor or simply lying under the sun on the beach and not worrying about what you are wearing. Check out below some of the pieces from Lyra that I am eyeing for. The best part of choosing my next swimwear here is that the sizes are available from XS to XXL. Try browsing some of their collections too! 



Accessorize a bit on your next trip and don't forget to look for the right and appropriate swimwear for you that will protect your skin and give you the comfort you're needed. As for me, I just learned a few things about swimwear and will definitely be picking what's best for a mom like me next time. 

Lastly, keep in mind that it's all about having fun and loving your own skin while caring for it.