Friendly tips and positivity


When I became a mom, I don't look after myself I don't care about my skincare routine or any makeup because I am too busy or parenting. Yes I know that is so bad and so wrong in many ways because, in order for me to take good care of my family, I also have to take care of myself too.

Anyway, how are you today? It's been a tough year for all os since last year up to now we are still fighting this pandemic. We all need to be strong mentally and physically. So many uncertainties, mixed emotions, and anxiety going on just what like I've felt. But I realized I need to be strong and stay on my mind for me to take care of my family. There's always hope.

We need fruits and vegetables to nourish our body, but due to the protocols, we need to stock up on unhealthy foods. But of course, this doesn't stop us from making our self and our family healthy. Remember we always have our choice, choice to be happy and live healthily.

Simple tips that I can share in this time of crisis are that of course, the first one is to eat a balance-meal, try tracking your weight too, you can use this tool to find out your ideal weight. Second, rest a lot, don't stress yourself for simple things. Chill, watch some interesting series. Third, get some fresh air and see the shining, yes I know it's not allowed to go out but you can sit pretty in your backyard and read some books. Lastly, think positive, keep in mind that a clean heart is a healthy soul and it will reflect in your looks what's inside your heart. Try joining community groups and support other people, remember that being kind is free, why not give it to others.

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