Starting Saving For Future



Personally, I find myself struggling when it comes to budgeting and I think most people are the same. with me. If you're a pro in budgeting your finances then congratulations! Despite hardships and all of that, I never gave up till now that someday, I'll start building a better financial future for myself and of course my family that I wanna help.

Talking about financial stability, many of us are not sure if they are stable. Being stable financially gives us peace of mind, we know that the future ahead is brighter on our side, we know that we are secured and the family when crisis comes.

Forgetting to save for tomorrow is not good. So, in this post, I'll be sharing some tips to save and start your dream business, investments, or anything you want by doing these simple steps that can actually help in your goal.

Goal. Know your goal when saving, you can categorize and take down notes for this and set a specific amount per category in saving.

Sell stuff. Look at the room and find stuff that is you no longer need but in good condition, other people might need it and will buy it. This will be your additional income aside from your salary. 

Budget for every day. Know your limit per day, don't overspend for a meal or things. Maybe when there is a special occasion but not every week, you can use this calculator to help you and learn more about savings, investments, and other computing finances.

Find a Bank. Find a trusted bank for your savings, learn how your savings learn interests.

Lastly, be healthy when you are healthy you won't spend on medicines. Remember, money is not the important thing in the world but it can make our life easier. We all have a different lifestyles,different costs of living but what is important is that we save for the future no matter how small it is. Just start for the future.

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