Online Bonding Time

Most of the time I am busy, doing works and of course, not to mention the unending house chores, and everything needed to be done because I am a mom so yes I've got a lot of things to do on my list. Sometimes, I wanna shout and say I want 'me-time a real one but I'm a mom, I do all things and need rest and enjoyment too!
Lately, I have been staying late for some works and I found myself playing some free video online games and I really enjoyed the mini-games there. It's a stress reliever for me, I can play these games whenever I wanna have a short break, by playing these games I no longer feel stressed every day, the works are less exhausting. 

Sharing here three of my favorites:

1. Classic Minesweeper Game

It has simple graphics which I like, it is a modern remake of the Minesweeper. Easy to play, you just have to open the boxes and hoping that there is no bomb or else it's game over.


2.Picture Runner Stickman Running Game

It's a stickman running! The instruction is not complicated you just keep the stickman running and look out for the obstacles.

3. Escape the Fuzz Police Chase Game

I am enjoying this game maybe because of the siren and the power pellets hehehe! Too easy to play just drive and collect the coins.

This site is now on my bookmark because the games are free and it is lockdown anyway, this could be added to our bonding so many games to choose I think they have 100+ and counting, not sure how many but if you are interested and wanna enjoy these free games try it out your self and find your self smiling. 

I am reducing my stress in this way and I am very glad that I found this free online video game site, I don't need to subscribe or pay to play and enjoy.


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