Back to School - September's Skincare Lessons

With the end of the long heatwave that dominated July and early August, we’ve all been reminded that the summer is coming to end, and it will soon be time to send the kids back to school.
Depending on your situation that might mean more stress or less – you don’t have to worry about keeping your children entertained all day, every day until half term. You’ve got your day back! On the other hand, it means starting the day off by getting your children into uniform and delivered to the school gates! Even with just one child, it’s a challenge – with two or more every morning begins to resemble a battle.

When September comes around, you have the stress of the school run to contend with and more unpredictable weather on the way. You need to start thinking about some skincare choices that will help you cope with all these rigors, reset you after the heat of summer, and prepare you for the harsher weather.
This summer was extraordinarily hot and dry, and the cold weather that’s coming in winter can dry your skin out even further. September and October are the time to focus on dry skin to repair the damage and get into good habits for when the weather turns more hostile.
To start with, you’ll need to exfoliate – some people think of this as something that causes dryness, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Exfoliation removes the skin damaged by dry conditions, the heat, and by exposure to the sun. Clearing away these dead cells is the first vital step in rejuvenating your skin for the rest of the year. This prepares your skin to replace the damaged cells and primes it to accept moisturizers.
Having cleared away the dead and damaged skin of summer, you need to nourish the layers underneath to ensure they are ready for the rigors of winter. Finding the right moisturizer for you is a challenge well worth meeting. You need to like the smell, the feeling, the presentation, and of course the price, but pay attention to the ingredients. Look for hyaluronic acid which is particularly hydrating and will help replenish your skin for the cold, dry weather later in the year.
Expert Help
These are all lessons to learn for your skincare routine at home. If you’re in need of some expert help or expert pampering, you need to make a booking with your local beauticians or dermatologists – or even fit in treatment in your lunch break! A central beauty salon like Skinsmiths Skin Clinic Tower Bridge lets you get your skin taken care of so you can return to work feeling and looking more confident.
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