The Illusion of Infinity Pools

You have probably seen a lot of photos on postcards or brochures with a nice, huge balcony basically all covered in water, it seems as if that whole area is one big water surface perfectly synchronized to mirror the horizon and sky. It seems as if there is an edge at the end of it and that you could fall off if you swam too far.   

Don’t worry, though, all that beauty is basically a magic trick designed to look amazing and be an awesome background for even more amazing photos.    

These so-called infinity pools look all mysterious and enigmatic, but in reality, they lean heavily on an illusion and good positioning so that you can experience all the magic and beauty of the view and its location. They are used to enhance an already stunning scenery and just add more depth and atmosphere.    

Just imagine how it blends perfectly with the sun and an endless ocean, you could basically spend a  whole day just soaking that view. Have you ever wondered how that really works, don’t worry, the magic won’t be ruined.  So  Cal  Custom Pools and Spas reveal the secrets of master pool builders just enough.  

How Are They Built  
They are built so that walls do not go above the water level in order to create that illusion of edge that  you can fall off  of, but  behind that wall lies a smaller one which serves as a sort of a back-up to gather all  the water that passes over the edge, and then pump it up to the main one. As you can see the process is not that complicated, but there are a few things you need to consider:

The most important aspect of the infinity pool is the view. It is crucial to position it properly so that you can’t spot the support pool from the viewpoint and sort of spoil the fun. The most convenient place to build on is a slight slope which would allow you to perfectly position all the assets. Too flat or too steep ground might be more problematic, but still doable.    

You also need to make sure that you’ve positioned the support pool right so that it collects all the water that overflows. This part might a bit tricky and it takes some good engineering calculations to build it correctly. Make sure that the auxiliary pool has a good pump and a filter so that the water flowing back up is nice and clean.  

Other Things You Need To Consider 
It’s is a neat piece of art which not only looks beautiful but is as functional as any standard pool you’d build in your backyard.  Half of that appeal is thanks to the location you choose to build it on, the fact that it creates that image of infinity, open space and endlessness require a  spot that can provide all that in order to fulfill the fantasy.  You don’t really want to place it in your backyard and see a reflection of your neighbor ’s house or garage.  
Make sure that you can match the tone of your home and the pool because the luxurious touch it brings needs to go hand in hand with the house and further stylistically enhance the whole property.  If you think that a house on a  hill with a stunning view that overlooks the whole city is the best thing ever you should definitely consider installing one and see how  you  can  make  that  spectacle  appear  even  more  impressive.   

You like waterfalls? You can just reverse the whole thing and position it so that you look at water falling down the edge into the secondary pool instead. That is opposite of the idea we’ve been talking so far,  and it brings a totally different feel. This solution is very useful if you don’t really have too much space to work with.  

As you can see, even knowing how these pools actually work doesn’t take away from the brilliance and engineering prowess it took to build them.