4 Much-Needed Pieces of Perspective for Any and All Struggling Moms Out There

No matter how much fellow moms might make it seem on the surface, being a new mother is hard.

Like, one of the hardest things you’ll ever do. No doubt about it.

And while we all know this to be true, many moms still stress out over seemingly the smallest things.

Criticism from friends and family about diet choices. Stress about how their kids are doing in school. The list of potential things to nitpick over is truly never-ending, all the while we obviously want what’s best for our kids, right?

If you’re freaking out that you’re just not cut out to be a mom, it’s time to take a step back and relax.

You know what you need?

Seriously. Moms from all walks of life have it rough in some way, shape or form: motherhood is not a contest. In fact, here are four pieces of perspective to shed some light on some of the common stresses of modern moms and why you shouldn’t let them eat you up.

Reality Check: Any Time Spent With Your Child is Precious
There often seems to be an ongoing battle between stay-at-home moms and mothers who decide to advance their careers. Both choices are noble and rewarding in their own respective ways but have also created a sort of idea that the latter group is neglecting their child by not spending enough time with them.

Of course, this is totally off-base as there are endless examples of working mothers who make time for their kiddos when they’re off the clock. Whether it’s picking them up from school or sitting down for dinner, it’s simply a matter of making the most of the time that you do have together.

And as a matter of perspective, bear in mind that many mothers hardly get to see their precious ones at all. There are so many moms working abroad to provide a better life for their children at home, relying on services like Remitly to make it happen. These moms are making the ultimate sacrifice, and this sacrifice serves as a reminder to be thankful for every second with your child.

Achieving Your Pre-Baby Body is Harder Than You Think
A common thread among many moms and especially new mothers is this driving need to achieve their physical peak after having a child.

The reality, though? It’s not going to happen overnight, granted it even happens at all.

Yes, you should totally focus on your physical fitness and squeeze some workouts in wherever you can. Even so, there’s no need to beat yourself up for falling short or relying on takeout meals from time-to-time. Instead of trying to achieve some sort of insane transformation, embrace some of the chaos of life and focus on smaller, short-term goals instead.

Really, though. Moms don’t need to feel the pressure to be fitness models. There’s no good reason to put that sort of weight on your shoulders.

So Many Mothers Are Going it Alone
If you’re sweating it as a single mother, don’t panic.

And if you’re not, be thankful that you have someone by your side.

Given that 23% of children in the United States live in single-mother households, having to go it alone isn’t uncommon whatsoever.

Creating a support system of friends and family is totally fair game if you’re raising a child without a spouse. As long as your child is happy and healthy, labels and specifics of how you’re making it happen doesn’t really matter, does it?

And that leads us to our last point!

There is No “Right” Approach to Being a Mom
Despite increasing pressure for mothers in the workforce as well as societal pressure from friends and family, sometimes you really just have to trust your best judgment.

All you can do is follow your heart and seek the advice of others who’ve walked the walk and value your opinion, too. If you get laser-focused on doing everything the “right” way, you’ll drive yourself crazy!

Again, there are so few aspects of being a new mom that come easily to any of us. Sometimes it’s important to take a step back and just breathe. No matter where you are in your journey as a mother, keep these pieces of perspective in the back of your mind when you’re struggling. Just know there are others out there sharing your struggles, too: you are not alone.

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