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Sep 27, 2017

Wedding Style Fashion Tips

Wedding season is still in full effect which means flying bouquets, champagne toasts and good times with friends and family. Weddings are such a happy time filled with love and laughter but some tend to stress when it comes down to what to wear. I would like to help alleviate some of that stress by sharing with you a few style tips to make getting wedding guest ready, a walk in the park.

There are many wedding styles that require a particular dress code and it is important to take those into consideration while glamming up for your event. Below I have provided you with fashion examples for each of the following wedding categories: Casual, Semi Formal and Black Tie, in hopes to give you some inspiration.

Helping Hands for Health: Support Your Child at College

Sending your child off to college is a bittersweet experience. You're proud to see them growing up, but it's hard to see them start to leave home. You also can't help but worry about them, especially if they're going to college far away. You want to make sure that they're healthy and happy while they're at college, so it's worth your time to talk to them about their health. You can also help them get organized before they leave, so they're better prepared to stay healthy. If you've had an open and honest talk with your child, you can feel more confident that they're going to make sensible decisions.

Check Off Health Necessities Before College

Before your child leaves for college, there are a few health check-ups and precautions you might want to take. It's a good idea for them to have a health assessment before they go, partly because they won't be using their usual doctor while they're away from home. It's also important to remember that some colleges require their students to file paperwork on their health, sometimes including having a physical examination or providing health and vaccination history. A number of vaccinations are a good idea before going to college, including immunizations against meningitis, HPV, and flu.

Photo source: The Blue Diamond Gallery

Styling Tips All Girls With Thin Hair Need To Know

If you have thin hair, you will definitely know about the troubles it brings. It can be extremely difficult to hold styles in it, no matter how much holding sprays and gels you use! It can also age quite quickly, and you may find that you start losing more hair the older you get.

Simply put, thin hair can be a bit of a nightmare! Thankfully, though, once know all of these styling tips, you will find that you no longer have to worry about your thin hair!