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Sep 3, 2017

Is your baby a restless sleeper? These could be the potential causes and solutions

Every parent of a newborn is likely to face the issue of their little one waking up through the night. There’s no two ways about it.

But where is the “red line” where it becomes a concern. What’s normal and what might be a cause for concern?

These are the few issue that we’ll address today and, hopefully, clarify some things about the sleep patterns of your little bundle of joy. More importantly, we’ll offer some actionable tips on what you can do when it becomes a problem.

Most common reasons and what you can do

The sleep environment

Before we get to the more intricate causes, let’s mention the most obvious one – their crib and mattress.

Finding the sweet spot of what you think is comfortable enough for your baby and what’s really good and safe for them can be challenging and counterintuitive.

The best baby mattresses will usually feel like they’re too firm. You might think that the crib mattress your pediatrician is recommending feels like a rock and there’ no way it’s comfortable enough.