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Sep 1, 2017

Hear Hear! The Importance of Ear Health

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Nowadays we are more health conscious than ever. Scientific studies are constantly finding out more information about our bodies and we are constantly exposed to articles that let us know about the results. Think how far we have come over the past few decades. Not too long ago, people were unaware of even the negative health implications that come hand in hand with smoking, something that nowadays goes without saying. So, as we slowly become increasingly familiar with our bodies and their functioning, we are made aware of aspects of our health that we have to pay increasing amounts of attention to. The market also begins to offer us a whole array of products to make our goals of maintaining optimum health a little easier along the way. Depending on market trends, certain areas of our body will experience stronger exposure in the media and advertising. Almost every day we will see health announcements reminding us of the importance of brushing our teeth effectively and to visit our dental practitioner and hygienist at least once a year. We are reminded to book in for an eye test with an optician to ensure that we don’t need glasses. Health services remind us to check our bodies for unusual developments, lumps and bumps. We are asked to keep an eye out for any new moles, growth of moles or other unexplained changes in our skin’s texture or pigmentation. In short, we are sold all sorts of services and products that ensure we are always operating in peak condition, with as little bodily pain and inconvenience as possible. However, one body part that seems to be regularly neglected requires just as much love as any other part of your physical being: your ears! Here’s a quick run through of the importance of good ear health and practices or products that you can use to maintain its functioning as the years go by. After all, hearing is one of the greatest gifts that you have!

You'd Do Anything For Your Child, So Why Are You Putting Them In Danger?

Every parent would agree that they would do just about anything for their baby. They would give up just about anything in the world to make sure that they were safe, healthy and happy. However, amidst all of the chaos of having a baby, it can be incredibly easy to make simple mistakes that could have some potentially deadly consequences. While no parent would ever willingly put their child at risk, here are just a few things that far too many parents do that could be putting them in real danger.

Leaving them in the bath

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Plenty of babies, and parents, love bath time. Not only is it a chance to wash away any mess that's occurred throughout the day but it also serves as a great time for babies learn, play, and bond with you. But we've all had that moment, during bath time: maybe you left the stove on, maybe the doorbell rings, or many you get a phone call. You think to yourself "it'll be fine" and you leave your baby alone for even a few seconds. Of course, most of the time you come back, and everything's fine, but the truth is that even an inch of water is enough to be potentially deadly for a baby. This is especially true if they don't yet have the motor control to pull themselves up and out of the water. You should never leave your baby unattended in the bath, no matter how quick you're going to be