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Learn to save,not tomorrow but today!

These days most of our income becomes inactive and yet our cost of living in most areas is increasing every day and we can't slow it stop it or least slow it down. When we are at a point in our life or in a condition that we suffer we realize many things such as knowing that it's hard when you don't have cash when there's an emergency or unexpected situations that you need money.

Talking about financial stability, most of us aren't sure if they are financially stable. Being financially stable gives us peace of mind, especially parents like me, I know that my kids are secured and if there's anything they need or happens I can provide for them. It's hard when you are in a financial crisis, anybody wouldn't want to be in that kind of situation but sometimes we can't avoid it, it just really happens to anyone. Let's just pray and save for our tomorrow. 

Here are some personal tips on how you can start saving today.

No to impulsive buying
This is my number one tip, avoid buying things that you don't need. When there are on-going markdown prices in stores, ask your self first do you really need to buy that particular thing? Always make a list when shopping. Keep in mind, needs before wants.

Everyday Budget
If you are working in an office it's best if you bring your own food, you can save by doing this, it saves you from eating in fast-food chains. I recommend using tools such as budget planner where you calculate your every day, weekly or monthly expenses that suit needs and budget. See the image below for a sample.

The website is called Pigly where you can find a different calculator for your finance needs even for kids calculator. Right budgeting can really help us to save.

Saving Goal
Think of why's, why are you saving then write it down make it your goal you can also add the specific amount per category.

Lastly, don't put your saving in one place, in your purse, or in one bank account. You can open a bank account with interest so that your money will grow. Don't be tempted in using credit cards, as much as possible avoid using credit cards if you plan to save.

These tips may not be suitable or useful for some because we have different lives and of course the different cost of living, remember during a hard time, we save every cent we have. Saving is the right thing to do today.

Be smart in spending your hard-earned money, start saving your money today.