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5 Tips for Buying Your Teen's First Car

When your teenage son or daughter passes their driver’s test they’re often itching to get behind the wheel. For parents, however, the idea of buying your child’s first car can be a little scary, but it’s an important milestone in their lives. You want to give them some independence but also explain the responsibility and cost involved. It can also be difficult knowing which car to go for. Here are five tips for buying your kid’s first car.

Teach your child the value of money
Your kid has worked hard and set their mind on passing the test, so they deserve a reward. On the other hand, you don’t want to spoil them or go over your budget. It’s important to teach your child the value of money and get them to contribute to the new car, even if it’s just a little. They might have other ideas about which car to buy, but remind them that cars cost money to maintain. If they are shouldering the finances themselves, maybe they have a part-time job, then you have to stress to them how important it is for them to pay back the money on time. If they do not stick to that, they risk their car being repossessed. You can always consult with a Massachusetts Car Repossession Law firm (or one in your location) to see how you can deal with this if it ever happens, but teaching them the value of a personal possession is essential.

Road safety refresher lesson
Your son or daughter will have been studying hard to pass their driver’s test. This includes both theoretical and practical road safety lessons. For your own peace of mind at least, go through a couple of refresher lessons with them before buying a car. Reiterate the potential hazards they could encounter while driving. Click Here for more information about road traffic laws, accidents, and consequences.

Give them a little maintenance 101
All drivers need to have a basic understanding of car maintenance. Before your kid gets on the road, it might be a good idea to go through a bit of maintenance 101. Make sure they know what to do if their car breaks down. Give them a quick refresher lesson on basic maintenance such as changing the oil and pumping gas. You could do a quick pop quiz at the end to test their knowledge of what’s under the hood. This will help give you peace of mind when they’re on the road.

Consider buying a used car
Why not consider going used? Have a look online for the best used cars for teens. There are several advantages to opting for a used car. You’ll save money in the long run and many newer models have all the safety features of today’s standards. You can explain the benefits of used cars to your newly qualified kid. They’ll probably just be excited to be finally getting a car of their own.

Take it for a test drive
It’s always a good idea to take a car for a test drive before you buy it. Take your son or daughter with you to test drive the car. It might be nice to surprise them with a car in a big bow outside the house, but it’s important to ensure they’re comfortable driving it. Test drive the car yourself as well and let them know how it feels from the point of view of a more experienced driver. Your child will appreciate your perspective and advice.