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Loréal Excellence Fashion Review!

Two weeks ago i received the package containing The New L'oréal Paris Excellence Fashion in 6.13 Golden Nude Brown with shine complex.I'm so excited when i opened the box because it was my firt time to DYI hair coloring.I have natural hair colored and because it was my first time i'm a little bit afraid i can't do it alone.Pardon me if don't guve justice review this diy hair color,This is my first time doing it. 😊

The box consists of the following:
*The Protective Pre-Color Serum
*The Protective Créme Colorant 
*The Créme Developer
*The Protective Conditioner
*High Quality Gloves
*Users Guide

The #1 Haircolor worldwide introduces a new line of exclusive fashion colors inspired by Paris Glamour.It says "Ideal for darker base tones who want to visibly lighen without a drastic change.The balance of reflects creates an elegant look that counteracts rosiness or dullness of the skin.

Steps and Guide of Using: 
**Pre-Color Care (Do it when your hair is dry)
Squeeze generous dose of the Protective Pre-Serum into your hand.
*Apply to the lengths and ends,Leave in while you color.
**Color Mixing
(Wear the gloves)
*Pour Creme Colorant into the Developer bottle
*Replace applicator cap and shake vigorously
Twist off tip of applicator imediately after mixing to avoid the bottle bursting and damage from the product overflowing.You can choose to use the comb applicator on lengths.It glides easily through hair and is ideal for mid-length or straight hair.

There are two option when applying:

1.Apply all over

*Apply all over
*Massage (ler develop for 30 minutes)
*Rinse and Condition(leave for 2 minutes)

2.Apply to Roots

*Apply to roots (let it develop for 20 minutes)
*Color the lengths (let it develop for 10 minutes)
*Rinse and Condition(leave it for 2 minutes)

Surprisingly,This is so easy to use if you are first timer like me no worries you can do it perfectly.DIY hair coloring is so much fun to with at home,You can save doing it with yourself or with someone else without going to any salon to have that sparkling visible color.
I love the results you can see in my photo the visible color changed.I will be doing it again maybe next month,So that i can properly color all the strands.It will be totally diy hair coloring not practicing anymore. Lol!Have you tried this brand?What do you think?