Vitamins for Kids by UNILAB

I always believe in the saying that "prevention is better than cure".When i became a mother,I always make sure that my children are always healthy and protected.I'm always worried about their health,What I gave to them everyday is the Ceelin to keep them safe and be protected from illness.I called it super vitamins duo for my kids.My kids are my everything so to make sure that they're getting the right nutrients,Aside from eating healthy food i gave them Ceelin and Ceelin Plus "siguradong protektado"

"Ascorbic Acid (Ceelin) increases body resistance to stress and infections and hastens recovery from illnesses and the healing of wounds. Also indispensable in the formation and maintenance of firm and healthy gums, teeth, cartilages, osteoid tissues, blood vessels, and connective tissues. These nutritional supplements are used for the prevention and treatment of deficiencies of vitamin C and zinc."
Why i added Ceelin Plus?"Because Vitamin C and zinc together help the body’s natural defense against damaging free radicals (antioxidant effect) and help boost immune function".

These Ceelin products are made by UNILAB,There are 1,000 Unilab products for family's needs and to be sure it's safe and effective all products are  checked by experts not only that there are 3,000 experts checked every product.

Unilab is the biggest pharmaceutical company in the Philippines, with a market share of more than 20 percent which it has consistently maintained for more than three decades. Its portfolio includes some of the biggest prescription, consumer healthcare and personal care brands in the country.

Established in 1945, Unilab today is the realization of the vision of its founders—to be a firmly established industry leader distinguished by its corporate culture that places people at the center of everything. It is a culture whose work ethic revolves around family and community, cooperation and sharing."

Unilab has continuously provided Filipinos with trusted and quality healthcare products and services for the past 70 years. Being a Filipino company, it prides itself for knowing what is best for the Filipinos’ healthcare needs.

Unilab’s “Trusted Quality Healthcare” is more than just a tagline. It is what makes Unilab different from all other health and wellness companies. It is our corporate promise to all Filipinos to provide quality healthcare products and services that promote and enrich life.

All of us wants the best for our family,For the health of the family Choose the Trusted Quality Healthcare.
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