Calmoseptine:My kids ointment for their skin

Zinc Oxide+Calamine
Calmoseptine ointment

When my eldest son had these red patches in his skin that makes him scratches because he feels itchy,I was like omg what i'm gonna put,"Stop scratching!","Don't sit anywhere","Don't touch anything and don't play dirty things".I'm turning crazy hahaha!.
My son had an eczema,I tried many creams and lotions,soaps still it's there.I feel useless i can't do anything for his skin.
This Calmoseptine is for my younger little one,For his diaper rash.What really amazed me was when i tried to used it for Mikael,The itchiness of his skin's lessen and also the redness.
Now i always buy Calmoseptine this is so affordable,It's just less than $1 in drugstore.Empties up to 3 days,Not bad because it's not that hard to find and affordable.
This is Made in USA.
Multi Purpose Moisture Barrier Ointment Which protects,Soothes,and Helps promote healing of skin irritations from many diseases.
How to use: Cleanse the affected area,Let it dry and apply 2-4 times or more daily to promote comfort and protection.
Safe to use.

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