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Salarium Unveils Major Overhaul in Core Product

Salarium, a cloud based payroll platform from the Philippines, announced a major update and overhaul to their application particularly in their attendance and approval modules. The new attendance module provide employers new features to better manage their workforce. Some of the highlights include weekly timesheet views, inclusion of hour types, shift visibility, multiple projects/tags, time disputes via messaging, and a significantly improved user interface.

The approvals module has been overhauled resulting in a mobile friendly version which gives employers the ability to pre-approve requests or override a subordinate’s requests when the user is higher up in the approval workflow.

“Salarium aims to constantly delight our users, we have always been heavily focused on R&D and this is highlighted by our nearly weekly feature release. The new attendance however is a major overhaul and replaces a significant chunk of the core application” Daniel Bahna, VP of Product. 

The attendance page will now feature a full breakdown of the daily employee attendance. Time records of clock ins and outs are now grouped by day. A new Hours Worked page where you can add Regular, OT, Night or OT during Night hours. These new features are aimed to better serve the clients by addressing their needs for better management and visibility of their workforce.

“This update enables the clients to get better insight and control on their workforce,” said Judah Hirsch, CEO of Salarium. “Continuously providing solutions that delivers significant value to the organization is our core principle. The new attendance module coupled with the other products will certainly improve not only HR management but also in automating processes.”

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About Salarium

Salarium is a cloud based payroll software that automates payroll from beginning to end, from each employee’s clocking in to disbursement of funds during payday. The company operates in Philippines, with thousands of employees subscribed to its product.