When you're in a relationship,There's many things you want to do for your partner or to give things as your way of letting know that person how much he/she means to you.There's so many kinds,I remember my husband gave me an origami letter,He wrote eveything there and until now for how many years i still keep it.I'm worried,What if i lost of one day?There's so many memories,That letter means a lot to me.
One thing that i really like to give to my husband is the PROMISE RING,Well is not only for couples,You can give it to your bestfriend,Cousin.One thing that make it more personal is you can put your own message,Choose your kind of stones and put your name on it.Ofcourse,We all like personalized things.
Good thing about it is that you can't lost it You're wearing it everydaybof your life it's like wearing his promise to you.Sweet right?
Click those link and choose one for your love one.
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