5 Best Workouts To Prevent Aging

Everyone knows that staying in shape, especially in your older years is very important for your longevity.
Just because you’re older doesn’t mean you have to quit working out, as there are many activities you can still do to stay actively fit and maintain your shape.

Listed below are 5 different activities  which helps you stay in shape

Swimming/Water Aerobics

Swimming is going to be one of our top picks when it comes to activities you can do to stay in shape. So, why does swimming make such a good activity for to stay in shape as opposed to other activities?

As you reach an older age you will notice that you’re going to have less mobility and will want to minimize any risks or injuries. Swimming helps negate tension all over the body, allowing you to still get an effective workout while avoiding the pain that is usually with most workouts.

Swimming elevates the heart rate high enough to burn fat and to put you into a fat burning mode. Best of all, swimming uses every muscle in your body, meaning you’ll be building muscle at the same time.


Another great workou  to stay in shape is dancing. You’ll find that there is a large range of different types of dance workouts ranging from ballroom to zumba like classes created for seniors. If you’re looking for a fun activity where you can also change up your routine weekly, this makes a great option.

Dancing can range from beginner to expert levels and offer a wide variety of dancing styles. Some of the best dancing styles for seniors are ballroom dancing, line dancing, and tap dancing. If you’re not interested in these styles there are always other dancing styles from each generation.

Chair Workouts

Chair workouts involve using a chair to help support your body as you workout, giving you more stability and balance with less risk to injury. Chair workouts can be very helpful for any seniors who happen to have joint issues or injuries, as you can easily modify most moves to your liking.

These workouts are not going to be as intensive as most cardio workouts. However they are great for raising the heart rate and isolating specific muscles. You can find a variety of different workout videos online or through DVDs. These workouts have great variation in workout routines and also offer you the chance to switch up body parts you would like to workout, making it easy to change up every week.

Yoga & Pilates

Yoga and Pilates are both great activities for senior citizens to take up as a regular workout routine. Yoga focuses mainly on flexibility and balance, while pilates works on strengthening your core muscles. The reason both these activities are great for seniors is that they’re going to help in maintaining overall balance and stability of the body while also toning and building muscle without risk.

These workouts can range drastically from beginner workouts to intensive intermediate workouts. One of the best reasons why these should be a top pick for seniors is the ability to find programs focused around your individual needs. For example if you find you have trouble with lower body workouts, you can easily find programs that modify yoga and pilates workouts so that you can still actively participate throughout the whole session.

Recumbent biking

If you’re looking for a cardio heavy activity that elevates your heart rate then biking can be a great option. Recumbent bikes have numerous settings that allow you to change intensity, resistance, and workout lengths. You can choose to invest in your own bike for at home workouts or choose to join a gym.

Recumbent bikes make a great pick for seniors as you will have complete control over the environment unlike if you were to bike outside and risk bumpy roads or other distractions. The best part is you can leisurely do other activities such as watching your favorite tv shows or reading while biking.

In Conclusion
Getting older doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice staying in shape or conforming to boring workouts. There are a wide variety of interesting workouts that can cater to senior citizens whether you want to join a class or invest in your own workout equipment.

All the above mentioned workouts maximize both cardio and strength training that minimize risk of injuries or soreness. While you or your loved ones might find it harder to fit in more sessions, these workouts help guarantee that you get more benefits in one session than breaking your workout routines into separate cardio and strength training sessions.    
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