Home Repairs You Should Never Delay

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Some home repairs are possible to put off. However, others could be costly or even dangerous if you don’t carry them out soon enough. Below are 5 home repairs you never want to delay.

Roof damage
Damage to your roof could allow rainwater, cold air, and pests to get in. This is why you should get your roof repaired as soon as you notice a hole or crack. Sometimes the damage isn’t obvious - getting an annual roof inspection is useful for this reason, especially on an old roof. You can then get any damage fixed before it leads to other problems. Frequent roof problems could be a sign that you need to get your roof replaced.

Blocked gutters
A gutter blocked with leaves may not seem like a big deal, but it can quickly put your home at risk if it rains or gets icy. Rainwater won’t be able to drain through the downspout and will still spill out over the sides where it could lead to pools of water around your property. This can quickly damage your home’s foundations and could even lead to flooding. Ice can meanwhile cause blocked gutters to freeze up. The guttering could come loose in the form of a giant ice block, which could cause a lot of damage to whatever it falls on. By getting your gutters cleaned out, you can prevent all of this.

Plumbing leaks

You should call your local plumber as soon as you detect any kind of plumbing leak. A leak could result in some hefty water bills if left unrepaired - whether it’s a dripping tap or a leaky pipe. Many leaks will also quickly cause water damage to your property if you don’t fix them. This may not be a case with a dripping tap, but other leaks could cause rotten floorboards, crumbling plaster or corroded metalwork. On top of this, dampness can attract mold and pests - which are not good for your health. Finally, water could get into electrics - which is never a good mix.

Old worn electrics
Speaking of electrics, do your home’s electrics need replacing? Constant circuit breaker trips and flickering lights are signs that it could be time to rewire your home. Old frayed wiring can be a fire risk and so needs to be replaced urgently. Exposed frayed wiring can be particularly dangerous as it could give you a nasty electric shock too. Signs that an electrical fire is imminent include buzzing sounds, burning smells, or visible scorch marks around outlets - in these cases, turn off your electricity at the mains immediately and call an electrician.

Gas leak
The most serious home repair that you should never delay is fixing a gas leak. As soon as you smell gas in your home, you should turn off your gas at the mains, get out of your home (open a few windows beforehand if you can) and call an emergency gas plumber. Gas is highly flammable and it may only take a spark from a light switch to set your home ablaze. Certain types of gas leaks can also lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. A carbon monoxide monitor can help you detect carbon monoxide in the air as these types of leaks typically don’t have any smell.

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