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Those good old things

 I'm in my 30's and in our technology right now, how fast the internet we have. Everything is automatic and people are always on their phone scrolling, playing, and or working. Sometimes I just wanna sit down and think of how simple my life was when I was in my teen years. Think of all the good memories, having flashbacks, and activities that make me smile. A nostalgia feeling, but life must go on I won't stick my life on memories it just makes me sad, you know. Speaking of nostalgia, just discover this gaming site that fits my mood. It offers classic games that I know you can relate to and bring your good memories too. 

So, when I have my free time I find myself at , you will find here the classic solitaire we used to playback then.  Because I have been busy these days, I find it entertaining, I really enjoyed playing here it's a stress reliever for me. Did I mention that it's free to play here? 

Classic and challenging game, the simple rule is to stack cards into sequences.

These days, works are less exhausting for me I don't feel any tiredness not like before because whenever I have a short break I play games. Maybe that's one way to lessen the stress is that we also need to give our self a break, just like me. If I feel that I needed little rest I just rest, let us not be hard on our self. We only have one life. 

So, I shared this site with my friend and cousin and because we played these games back then we enjoyed playing them again. 

Sharing with you some games that I love to play =)

Play China Temple: Free Online Hidden Objects Game

The rule of this game is to find the hidden things, and of course, it has a timer so you need to find them faster. I need to use my glasses when I am playing it hahaha! yes, I am that serious. It has also 10 levels that are so enjoyable to play. It's classic too right I remember I played like this one on an old phone way back year 2000's. 

Free Online Zuma Legend Match 3 Video Game

The rule is to create three or more colors to remove them from the chain and it has a hundred levels, you must win the level before you can proceed to the next level. 

There are so many things that give me good memories and honestly, I am enjoying classic things like these games. 

There's no need to subscribe or pay because I can play and enjoy these games for free, now on my bookmark. I think they have 100+ more free games not sure but if you wanna try free games just try it for yourself.