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5 Security Measures To Keep Your Home Safe

A home should be a place of comfort, where you feel the safest and most secure. It’s where you build memories, keep belongings and other personal items, play and talk with your family, and just relax after a long day. While it’s your most comfortable place, thieves and organized burglar groups may see your home as a target, compromising your and your family’s security.

Avoid bad things from happening to your home with easy-to-follow security measures.

1. Invest in high-quality locks and knobs
Be it in your front gate, main door, or bedroom door, install only high-quality locks and knobs. They’re on the pricier side, but they’re worth the investment in keeping your home safe. Purchase only from trusted brands as they’re crafted by security professionals, so they’re less likely to get duplicated for burglary.

2. Install bright outdoor lights
It’s no surprise that most thefts happen at night because it’s dark. Most people can’t see clearly in the dark, that's why most break-ins go unnoticed. To minimize the chances of burglary during the night, install bright outdoor lights so you can see if anyone is trespassing your property. Thieves are also less likely to attempt a robbery when they see a well-lit house.

3. Soundproof your walls whenever applicable
It’s only natural for families to discuss confidential information, involving their finances and valuables, inside the home. However, unwanted people may eavesdrop in your conversations, revealing this information without you knowing. Whenever applicable, soundproof your walls. It’s also on the pricier side but it’s surely worth the price.

4. Install locks on your windows too
Aside from the doors and gates, windows can also be an entry point for burglars. No matter how small the window is, even if they’re simply for vents, install locks in them. Whenever you leave the room, don’t forget to close the curtains too. It keeps your place private from nosy people that may take a peek into your home unwantedly.

5. Avoid posting on social media while on vacation
Your home is the most vulnerable whenever you’re away. During vacation when you have to leave your home unattended for up to a week, thieves may use this timeframe to break into your home. By posting publicly on social media, you’ll essentially be alerting the robbers that may have been waiting for the right opportunity. If you really want to update your friends and family, tweak the post settings to show only with your family, close friends, and relatives.

One of the essentials to consider when buying a house is, of course, family safety. Are you an OFW who’s constantly worried about your family’s safety back at home? Or maybe you’re a light sleeper at night as you are conscious of someone breaking in your house and you have to stay alert?

Fret not as BellaVita takes quality very seriously in its development. Every community is guarded and enclosed in a perimeter fence. Security of the homeowners is the utmost priority; stringent protocols are carried out upon entering BellaVita. The community also has roving security to ensure the safety of the homeowners 24/7.

For as low as PHP 1,887 monthly, you get to acquire a safe space for you and your family.

Indeed, this is a very affordable quality living experience for priceless family safety!

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