New Year, New Home: What You Need To Know Before You Move


Moving homes is a lengthy and often stressful process. From packing your belongings, buying furniture, picking the right color, designing your home, to unpacking your stuff, starting a new life in your new home isn’t all fun and glamor. While nothing can make it easier, you can make it bearable if you know the essentials before you move.

Check out the top things you need to know before having your warm and cozy welcome in your new home.

Create a personalized checklist
One of the biggest tendencies when moving homes is forgetting what they need to bring. This leads to last-minute shopping or collecting your things in your old home. To avoid forgetting what you need to do, list them! Don’t rely on your memory as you’re likely to forget it when preoccupied with other moving pointers.

Pre-install basic home utilities
You don’t want to move to a home without water or electricity, right? Most first-time homeowners only think of decorations, with almost no regard to utilities. Before moving, finalize your home utilities including electricity, water, internet, and cable. Getting them before your move also allows you to organize their pipes and wires.

Replace your locks and knobs
Even if they work perfectly fine, it’s still best to replace old locks and knobs in your home. You have no way of knowing who has the keys to your home. It’s not great to have strangers entering your home uninvited. When choosing new locks, it’s recommended to duplicate keys too. Always have a backup, just in case.

Update your mailing address
Most people don’t even think of updating their mailing address whenever they move. That’s why they often don’t receive their letters from banks, work, or providers. Worse, they don’t get their parcels! Take note of your new address and update whatever you can think of. If you can also update your address on government records, the better.

Meet your neighbors
It’s not mandatory, but there’s nothing wrong with being friendly to your neighbors. After all, you’ll live closely with each other for a long time! If you can, meet the administration and security team of your subdivision too. Make an effort to remember their names as well! 

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