Signs It’s Time to Replace your Sliding Patio Screen Door


Just like most things in your home, your sliding screen doors will eventually need to be replaced. Your deck or patio are likely areas that you commonly use, especially during warmer months. Sliding patio screen doors are wonderful for allowing fresh air into your home and taking advantage of the day’s sunlight. With frequent use, your doors will begin to wear down, which is to be expected. The question is when you need to replace them. There are several areas to examine before deciding on a door replacement. If you’ve noticed a difference in the look or function of the door, it probably is time to install a new one. Take a look at these components of your door to fully diagnose the problems. You’ll find that some issues can be remedied without the need for a total replacement. Others call for a brand-new sliding screen door. 

The Wheels 
The wheels are what make screen doors slide open and close. These little plastic guys can wear down or break without much force, so they’re often a culprit for a faulty door. One issue here could be that the track just needs to be cleaned out. If it’s mucked up with dirt and plant matter, give it a good cleaning, and then try the screen door again. 

You can also try adjusting the wheels of the screen door. This can be done by unscrewing the adjustment screws to release the tension on the door’s wheels. The door will lower so you can safely remove it from the upper and lower tracks. Now, you’ll be able to see the wheels up close to check for damage. New wheels can be installed on your screen door, but if the screen or frame is damaged, it’s best to replace the entire door. 

The Screen 
This is an easy one that should take just a minute to check. Inspect your screen for any tears or punctures. If you find several damaged areas, the wire screen is in need of replacement by a company that deals with screen enclosures in Spokane Valley, WA (or wherever you are). This is because insects can enter your home through these gaps, and the last thing you need is for mosquitos, flies, or even wasps to buzz around your home. Screen tears also lessen the tension of the screen in its frame, so it may even appear loose. With time, specific types of wire screens can wear down. If you have fiberglass, insects may have spent years chewing away at the metal.

The Frame 
Damage to the screen frame can affect the door’s functionality in the tracks. Unfortunately, it can be easier to damage screen door frames than you might realize. If the kids accidentally throw a baseball at the frame or a large family dog jumps on it, the frame can easily dent and warp. For less troublesome dents, you may be able to remove them with a few taps of a hammer to push the metal back into place. If the door frame is very bent, it may not slide open and closed easily or at all. This is a definite sign that you need a new sliding patio door screen. 

Now that you’ve examined your sliding patio door screen and found that you need to find a replacement, you can easily find a sliding patio screen door to install in your home. If you don’t consider yourself the handy type, not to worry! These doors can be purchased fully assembled or in DIY kits. Each has its pros and cons, like more expensive shipping for assembled versus kit style. The great thing about screen doors is that they’re reliable simply to put together, even for amateurs! That’s right – you don’t need to hire a professional to get a new sliding patio screen door installed. Many window screen companies allow you to customize kits for your needs, so your kit is the right width and height for your patio doors. Plus, some even allow you to specify the frame color and screen type, so the new screen door is totally personalized for your needs. However, fully assembled screen doors cut out any potential for hiccups during assembly. All you’ll need to do is fit the screen door into your track system. 

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