What are the Most Popular College Degrees to Get in Canada?

Choosing what degree to pursue can be one of the first important decisions anyone has to make. Ideally, you will be able to decide to pursue a degree in a field you feel compelled to excel in and that you can work on at a University or college of your choice. 

With 1.7 million students enrolled for the 2018 school year, Canadian Universities are emphasizing preparing these students for careers that are just beginning to open up. For many, this may even mean a need for additional education down the road. Based on the number of degrees awarded by Canadian Colleges and universities, the following four college degrees are the most popular, as well as an estimate of the job outlook for those with these degrees.

The Humanities
By far, Canadian college students are most likely to choose to pursue a degree in the humanities. In 2018 alone, there were over 200,000 more degrees in the humanities awarded than in any other major.

Of any region, schools in Ottawa reportedly have some of the best programs for those interested in this area and practical applications of this degree. Further, with a degree in the humanities, it's possible to secure a job in the public administration space- a career path with some of the best forward-looking opportunities. Still, before you start looking up the price of Ottawa real estate, you may want to consider the next few popular degrees. 

Business Administration
With a similar job outlook to a degree in the humanities, those with degrees in business administration have good job prospects and can apply their newly acquired skills to many fields. Even better, those with a degree in Business Administration can look forward to having one of the highest average salaries outside of the engineering fields. 

If you choose to specialize in accounting, you should find your job prospects are excellent now, though the market may start to dissipate around 2024, considering the number of recent business administration graduates. 

Nursing and the Health Professions
Nurses are always in demand, and having a specialized nursing degree can mean a higher salary as well as more responsibility. The job outlook for nurses is high and not looking to dip anytime soon. Further, the more experience you gain and any additional training you take on will increase your value to any hospital or health institution. If you're looking for a stable, life-long career, this could be a great option. 

Other types of health professionals have a similar outlook and job prospects, supported by the fact that 30% more students pursue a nursing degree compared to another degree in the health professions. 

While not on the list of most lucrative professions or a degree that lends itself to an edge in the job market, biology can be a versatile major. With this degree, you could work in a wildlife or nature conservation setting, in a healthcare laboratory, within a research field, or pursue further education into biochemistry. Alternatively, those with a passion for biology could choose a forensic sciences degree for an easier time when they start looking for a job.
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