Shop While You Save

I'm guilty, I always make my purchases online not because I love online shopping, but because it is very convenient and hassle-free for me. As a mom, I always try to find a way to save while shopping. I’m more than happy to make use of free shipping promos as well as save money by searching for discount coupons and many more just to save some money.
I remember when I once purchased a shirt and it costed more than Php1000, I managed to save Php100 from the free shipping promo (shipping usually costs Php100). It’s not a lot but I can buy other great things with Php100, right?
In this post, I will share tips to save while shopping online that you might be interested so you can save money on your next purchases.

What I found lately is that there is a website called ShopBack that you can actually save a lot using when you shop online. Every time you shop online, no matter how much you spend, it guarantees you'll get cash back.
Shopback is affiliated with top online shops like Expedia and Zalora and offers cashback from them. Cashback is like cash rebates and it will be deposited into your bank account or PayPal once you redeem it so you can save more money when you shop online. You can also use it with the exclusive coupon codes you find on their page as well as existing promos from the store itself.

Saving money through ShopBack is easy. For example, buying Php1000 worth of items from Aliexpress which has 5% cashback through Shopback gives you Php50 back. Awesome right?
This is especially worth it for more expensive items like mobile phones. Imagine getting up to 4% cashback for a Samsung phone! This way, you can save some money and use it to purchase accessories for your new smartphone. Speaking of which, I love shopping at Lazada. They have always new products to offer and great deals too. I always buy shirts for my kids there. With ShopBack, I can save money while doing this with 4% cashback and coupon codes for Lazada purchases.

Right now, they have a big Mother’s Day sale going on. No time like the present to treat yourself for being a great mom, right?
How do you save some money when shopping online? I’d love to read your tips too. 
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