Helping others and Save Money While Enjoying shopping

There's one thing that people love and always do and that is Shopping.I love shopping and i know you too,WE all love to shop.Nowadays,Most of us shopped online,Because it convenient and hassle-free especially for mom like me.
Speaking of shopping,As much as possible we look for discount coupons,And other stuffs to save some money.I usually love to avail the free shipping promos.
In this post,I will share great idea to save money while shopping and not only that you can help many lives while shopping it's like shopping with a cause and save.
I recently discover website that gives you reward while shopping,If you're a shoppaholic you'll gonna enjoy every deals they have.It's the  for every purchase you make they will give you cashback that you can use for other purchase,It will directly deposit to you. Not only that,You can donate to a charity too.They will give % for every purchase you make.There are 1,642 stores that you can choose and guarantee will give you cashback,Just look for your favorite store,Click that deal and shop as normal.

Some shops that you might be interested this especially this Mother's Day season. Blue Nile which gives 5% cash back.

Teleflora Flowers  that gives 12% cash back

and Coach that gives 8%cash back and many great deals.

How it works?

*Sign up-You must create your account signing up is totally free and safe.
*Look for your Favorite Store
*Shop as Normal way
*Check your cash back 
*Shop again

Members are given the option to automatically donate any % of their cash back to any charity of their choice. Another good thing about this website is that they give you 100% of the commission and you don't need to wait for months,They pay in days and one more thing minimum payout is only $5.01.

We want to save and there are website who actually and really helping to save not only thst they will also give meals to familes who needs help while helping us (shoppers) to save a lot,I can say it's unlimited savings.As long as you shop directly from the site you can save every purchase.
Let me know how much you save for a month using this saving website.