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Skincare Products for Healthy White Skin

Most of us girls love using "whitening products" Soaps,Lotions,Creams and many other skincare products.Some of those products are not healthy for skin,Other might give you a scary results.I heard lots of stories from different peoples about whitening products.
I'm a fan of using whitening products,Sometimes I also ended up in trial and error results.In this post i'll share to you what i'm currently using that i began love 'em using.I'm not paid to share it and do blog post because these products are all mine.Not Sponsored in short.I just Love how it works for me that's why i'll share to you pretty ladies.

Silka Whitening Herbal Soap
Enriched with Vitamin E and it's Dermatologist Tested.
Experience the natural and effective way of whitening and cleansing.Helps eliminate dead skin cells because it enriched with  Papaya Enzyme that's makes skin cleaner,and younger-looking.
It smoothens skin and gives lighter complexion in just two weeks.It has a fruity scent that fives freshness feeling all day. 

Silka Skin Whitening Lotion
Whitens,And maintains the youthful glow and fairer of the skin.It has SPF6 that prevent the skin from darking effects of the sun's UV rays.Enhanced with vitamin E that protect from premature aging of the skin cause by pollution and sunlight.Whitens as early as 1 week.

Silka Whitening Deodorant
Formulated with AHA and Vitamin B3 that helps whitens underarms.Non greasy formulation helps eliminate odor caused by perspiration and it won't irrate your underarms.Whitens and Protects early as 1 week.

Silka Facial Cleanser
Gently wash away dirt to make look and feel fresh and clean.

Silka Whitening Pearl Cream
Hides Dark spots and blemishes and gives white matte finish.It Moisturise and whitens the skin from with in.It has also vitamin E.

I used all of these products above everyday and i'm loving the results,These products are available in almost in many drugstores and supermarkets nationawide.Affordable too.
What are your skin care products?Share with me so i can also check it.

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