Human Nature:Bug Shield Mosquito Repellent

Lately,I'm not so active in my blog.Been busy for the past weeks and not able to post anything here.Anyway,Happy New Year!!! 
Last Christmas One of the gifts i received was this Mosquito Repellent gave by our family friends,When I received it I am so excited to use it for my kids because i was actually looking for the RIGHT Mosquito Repellent for them,Tried many brands and none of those are effective.Been using these dor my kids almost a month now,And i'm lovin' the results.

100% NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS just EFFECTIVE AND NATURAL REPELLENT.Easy to use,For my kids I used it for them every night and i didn't Re-apply after.It has a smell of lemon i think,Not too strong for kids.
When i used this for them,I noticed no more insects bites I always check their skin every morning to see if any insects bite but none.Not like before i always re-apply the old brand i'm using for them still there's one to three bites.
Glad one of our family friends gave these to us.
Good Thing in these product is that No Deet,parabens,synthetuc fragrance,mineral oil,formaldehyde or other toxic substances sure that it's 100% natural and safe for kids.
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