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Tips in Choosing Halloween Costume fo your kids

When Mikael was one year old we started to dress him upan an  halloween costume and have trick or treat at the malls.When he was one year old we decided to dress him like a little genie,But unfornately the costume we bought was like Aladin and sort of genie.But it's ok because some people says he's a little genie.

He don't know what is Trick or Treat he's just happy receiving treats,Ended up all treats are!And then last year i decided him to dress up like a chef,He was so cute we also bought some kitchen utensils just for props.We are the one who decides because he don't know yet what he wanted to be.He just like running and receiving treats and be with other kids that's why we make sure he also have his costume.I don't spend a lot my budget was php 500 below and i don't want him to look scary and use body paint.Halloween does'nt need to be scary all the times.

Have you decide already what costume your kids will be wearing?I want Mikael to be a little doctor this month.Cute right?Let me share some tips to you when choosing a halloween costume.

1.Budget-Limit your budget don't spend too much on costumes.If you can DIY much better.
2.What type of Costume-Scary,Cute Classic or Fairytale.
3.Weather-Consider the weather.Don't let your kids wear that makes him feel uncomfort.

Share your tips too!