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First Giveaway!

Being an housewife is a job.Yes!I consider it as a job,Job that has no day off.No salary.Only LOVE.Doing house chores everyday,Taking care of toddler and a baby is not easy.We don't have helper that's why i do all the chores.Many moms can relate to my situation.Staying at home with internet connection helps me a lot especially when my kids are sleeping i go online and join contest and promos.Winning makes me happy but not all the time i win.Getting freebies,Samples for free are my stress reliever.I don't know why.It's like it's my hobby now when i have my me time i go online and check promos.I decided to have a blog also to share my thoughts on products i receive,Newbie in blogging.Lol,Obviously my english is poor sorry for that.I'm trying my best to improve it.

Here's the best part of this post,I'll be giving some of prizes.Just sharing blessings to you all.☺

One lucky winner will take home skincare products in the photo.



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Winner must send her shipping details 5 days after the announcement of winner or else the prize will be forfeited.

Thank you! Goodluck!