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May 15, 2016

Woodwinds and Brasswinds

Do you love watching band or orchestras?I love how they produce music,So lively maybe because of thier instruments  wwbw woodwindbrasswinds , Woodwind instruments, part of the wind family  .I don't know how they are using it but they're so incredible and amazing with those music instrument.You might wanna check out the link above,I found lot of woodwind and brasswinds instruments,If you like and planning to learn how to play with it.They're affordable and lot of great deals too.I think i might have a learning woodwind 101 lesson starting from now.
May 10, 2016

Helping others and Save Money While Enjoying shopping

There's one thing that people love and always do and that is Shopping.I love shopping and i know you too,WE all love to shop.Nowadays,Most of us shopped online,Because it convenient and hassle-free especially for mom like me.
Speaking of shopping,As much as possible we look for discount coupons,And other stuffs to save some money.I usually love to avail the free shipping promos.
In this post,I will share great idea to save money while shopping and not only that you can help many lives while shopping it's like shopping with a cause and save.
May 9, 2016

Your Furry Companion

What do you do when winter?There are so many things that we love to do inside our house with our family like reading some good story books with your kids,Making soups or crafting and other stuffs that are enjoy to do with someone.The most important thing we are considering when winter is our clothes,We make sure that it will make us warmth and comfortable.How do you buy your winter outfits?Online or not we always make sure to read some Cozy Winters Reviews ofcourse we want to read reviews of other satisfied buyers before we get that items for ourselves.I always do that,Reading online review it helps me a lot eapecially in deciding what to buy.Are you doing too?
May 4, 2016

Shop While You Save

I'm guilty, I always make my purchases online not because I love online shopping, but because it is very convenient and hassle-free for me. As a mom, I always try to find a way to save while shopping. I’m more than happy to make use of free shipping promos as well as save money by searching for discount coupons and many more just to save some money.
I remember when I once purchased a shirt and it costed more than Php1000, I managed to save Php100 from the free shipping promo (shipping usually costs Php100). It’s not a lot but I can buy other great things with Php100, right?
In this post, I will share tips to save while shopping online that you might be interested so you can save money on your next purchases.

What I found lately is that there is a website called ShopBack that you can actually save a lot using when you shop online. Every time you shop online, no matter how much you spend, it guarantees you'll get cashback.
Shopback is affiliated with top online shops like Expedia and Zalora and offers cashback from them. Cashback is like cash rebates and it will be deposited into your bank account or PayPal once you redeem it so you can save more money when you shop online. You can also use it with the exclusive coupon codes you find on their page as well as existing promos from the store itself.