Best Exercises for Plus Size Waist Trainer Belt

Do you want to lose weight faster and do not want to keep a diet? If your answer is yes, keep on reading as I want to share with you a big secret.

Now is easier than never to lose all those kilos that bother you. You just have to work out while using the best waist trainer from FeelinGirl and you will see how waist trainer before and after results will show up immediately. And you don’t have to renounce eating your favorite foods or eat less!

If you are new to workouts you will need to know what are the best exercises to do while wearing a waist cincher! For this, I’ve piled up X of the most fun and effective fitness exercises you can do at the gym or at home.

1. Do 30 slow squats every day

Squats are great for the entire body and especially for the waist, booty, and thighs. They will also be a great partner for your new waist trainer, helping you burn those nasty calories faster. If you do them slowly every muscle will work out and you will tone and slim faster. Try and do at least 30 slow squats every morning after you wake up!

2. Do crunches and side crunches at least 5 days a week

I’m sure you want to accentuate your waistline and to have it thinner. For this, you should wear your waist trainer daily and try and do at least two sets of crunches and also two sets of side crunches for each side five times a week. The results will show in about a week and you will be amazed! Remember to keep your body tight and compressed all day long while wearing a plus size shapewear bodysuit and your body will always be smoothed and toned.

3. Do planks, push-ups, and jumping jacks while wearing your waist trainer

These exercises are super easy to do and lots of fun. They also will train every muscle fiber from your body and especially the waistline and the abdomen, if you do them while wearing a waist trainer. They are very effective and you should integrate them into your fitness routine!

4. Go running while wearing your waist cincher

If you aren’t into pilates or fitness exercises and prefer to go jogging out in the open, it’s ok, you will be able to do it while wearing a waist trainer too. You are not the only one who are trying to lose weight this way. You will be happy to find out from the FeelinGirl review section that many women prefer to wear their waist trainers while going out for a run. And it’s quite relaxing too, especially in the morning or later in the evening when the streets are empty! You will feel recharged after a good run and you will have a better-looking body too!

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