How You Can Conduct Asbestos Testing in Your Home?

Asbestos can be found in your home if your home was built before 1986 because till that time there were no restrictions on the use of asbestos for the insulation in building works. But after regulations came out and people began to understand that asbestos is dangerous for our health use of asbestos has been banned.  People nowadays want to get rid of such harmful components as soon as possible.

if you are looking for ways to get rid of such substances, then a proper asbestos abatement is required to be done by a professional expert who has years of experience in testing and removal of asbestos from a residential home. In this article, you will read about the points which are related to asbestos testing.

Asbestos Testing

You Have to Follow A Complete Step by Step Process to Conduct Asbestos Testing in Your Home.

A layman is not allowed to conduct asbestos tests as it can be dangerous for other people too. You can take an asbestos sample before you need to have these things with you.

Maintain Safety Level:

You should not try to cross any local law when you are trying to remove or clean the asbestos from your residential building. So, you first check with your local environmental organization to know about the local law relating to asbestos testing. If you are in Australia, you must check in with your nearby health and environment center about the various laws regarding asbestos removal. You can also check online.

Essentials Required for Safety:

After you get the required knowledge about the local law and confirmed that you are allowed to conduct an asbestos check in your home before starting with the different process you should have an air purifying respirator mask that is made of good quality filers so that you will not inhale a single amount of asbestos. You just need to avoid that dust masks which are commonly seen to avoid air pollution in metro cities.  Don’t forget to buy rubber gloves and boots to ensure the utmost safety of your body. At last, you need to cover your eyes with good safety goggles so that you can ensure safety of your eyes.

Asbestos Testing

Use A Marking Tap to Close the Area in Which You Want to Perform Asbestos Test:

Suppose you are doing it in a residential building. In that case, you should understand that there are many apartments in your building, and you cannot put everyone at risk so you should clearly mention that this area is closed and under asbestos testing.    

Cleaning Process

Now when it comes to cleaning methods to remove the asbestos, we see that we can clean it by mopping the floors and wiping down floors so that any tile if contaminated will be removed from asbestos. You should remember that you can’t use the wet method on the roof while cleaning the asbestos.

Cleaning with a Vacuum Cleaner

You should know that you can clean the asbestos with the help of a vacuum cleaner, but you will need a highly specialized vacuum to clean the asbestos by running the vacuum on the surface from which you want to remove the asbestos.

Where to Dispose of The Asbestos Material?

You should not dispose of asbestos material anywhere rather you should collect all the ACMs in asbestos-approved waste bags.

After done with disposing of the asbestos you should remember that you have to clean your home completely and don’t forget to clean the equipment which you have used in the process of cleaning including all the safety wear like gloves and boots because a small amount of asbestos can make a big difference.

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