I Trust OFF! Insect Repellent Lotion For My Kids

Mosquitoes transmits malaria, dengue fever and chikungunya.You'll get this diseases in just one bite.If there's a stagnant water near in your house or in your house,Mosquitoes can lay their eggs there and it will continue again and again,And of course large factor of having mosquitoes in some places is because of not cleaning the surroundings,garbage everywhere.There are many ways to prevent mosquitoes from spreading,I bet you know some of them but they are flying,you cannot be sure where is the safe place.Most of the Pinoys sleep using mosquito net or what we call ''kulambo''.

When i became a mother i'm so over-protective in many ways,Of course all mothers are like that,It's like i'm always worrying that something terrible might happen or the what if's thinking.Well,Everything change as days goes by i become more confident and not worrying too much now.

When we are going out every afternoon,I always bring some OFF Insect Repellent Lotion sachets,These costs 8 pesos in the convenient store here in our place.It's not drying to skin and also it does really do it's job,Keeping off the mosquitoes away,Before after playing my kids have red marks,A mosquito bites,They will start scratching it and minutes later it become wounds and days aafter it become scar and that a cycle.It just stopped when a friend of mine told me to use Off lotion.I become more confident now let my kids play anytime they want.I also use this for my son Mikael when he's going to school and for mmoies like me i always use off Lotion everytime i'm doing laundry at the back of our house .

Off Lotion makes our playtime more enjoyable and less worry without the bites of mosquitoes or any insects.Not irritating to kids's skin and not drying.It has a good smell that kids love.
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