Lip balm That Rescued My Lips

When summer lots of outdoor activities that people enjoying to do despite of the heat,And because it is also school break more outdoor bonding with the family.My family goes to nearby resort and have a short days vacation to enjoy summer with my family under the sun.We love summer but not our skin.We need to use more moisturizers and keep our body hydrated.Especially when you have skin like me,Dry skin sometimes instead wearing tank tops,I wear long sleeves,funny right?

One of the things that i want to be protected is my lips,Yes.I really hate chapped and cracked lips and super dryness.So,I'm sharing to you what i've newly discovered.

The Burt's Bees Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil.It has sun flower seed oil,beeswax,coconut oil,castor seed oil,pomegranate oil and other ingredients that makes the lips moisturized and it doesn't have any weird smell.
I used it many times everyday.Unlike any other lip balms i tried,This one makes me comfortable using it.Little bit pricey than other lip balms in the market but it really worth every cents of your money.Tried and tested.
When the days are even more hotter,I drink lots of water to keep my body hydrated.So far,For this summer season this is my favorite product,Because it really save my lips my chapping everyday.What are your favorite skincare summer product?Let me know so i can check it out too.
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