Choosing the Right Hotel

There are many factors to consider in choosing the right hotel for your business trips or a family vacations.It's really hard to choose when you think so much factors.Discounts,Great Promotions and a movie-like scene hotel make you believe that you will get what you're expecting.How can you be so sure that you are getting what you are paying like the amenities and the comfort being away from home?

Here some guides and tips that might help you when choosing the right hotel for your next staycation/vacation.

  • Set a Budget

Before stressing yourself too much,Think about first your budget,If your budget is limited.Stick to it,Look for a hotel that will match your tight budget.Look for hotels that offers discount promotions.But take note sometime there are additional fees.Be Smart.Not all expensive are the best.Spend your money doing fun when having vacations not in the hotel.Don't over-spend your money,Eat in nice restaurants,Visit Popular attractions. There are many Hotels in the Philippines that offers great deals.

  • Read Reviews

There are many websites and blogs that you can read real reviews.Don't rely on hotel websites reviews.Travel Blogs is a must recommended.Always look the positive reviews but don't forget the negative one.Ask some friends for recommendation.Browse some photos in social media using specific word hastags.

  • Service

Is there FREE unlimited in-room WIFI?If you want stay longer days is there possible to wash your clothes?Look if they have GYM or a swimming pool.Is there in-room telephone that you can use when you need something instead of going to the front desk.These are things you must consider always.Is there an elevator?A service bus that can pick up guests.As well as if there are electricity interruption can they manage to give all rooms power?

  • Security

Look for hotel that with lobby attendants that recognize who is coming and going.This days,CCTV is required.This factor must be consider for your safety,Don't just focus on fun,Be observant around you,Look the neighbors,nearby buildings what are those and that.

Sometimes,Small details are very important that you often missed.Choosing the right hotel always starts at questions,Ask yourself what do you need?What do you want?All the answers can make you choose the right one and can make a difference for a less factors that can ruin your vacation.