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Ads are everywhere,Just look around you and you'll see ads,In tv,newspapers,Magazines,Buses,Trains,Streets,Internet and everywhere.Sometimes it's annoying right?But,This can change your mind about seeing ads,Do you that there's an app that you can earn tickets and Real prizes by watching ads?Yes!You read it right by watching ADS.The new app called Vuewin,What is vuewin?

Think of Vuewin as your own personal billboard, where you can view ads, anytime, anywhere you want to. But most importantly, not just to view them but to get rewarded for it.
Take advantage now, as advertisers make it worth your while. With Vuewin, every ten display ads you view gets you 1 ticket that qualifies you to join a raffle that can win you big prizes. One view of a video ad earns one ticket as well.
Rest assured that your identity remains anonymous and your privacy intact. What's more, you can keep the ads you especially like for future viewing.
Viewing ads just got more appealing — with Vuewin

Here's a screenshots tutorial on how to get started in Vuewin hope this can help.

If ads not available and you have watched all ads,You can Hi Lo games,You can chips and win great prizes too! And by viewing ads you can also get chips.By the way i just won 50 chips yay! Way to go! 

All winning combinations are based on actual PCSO scheduled draws.
However, Vuewin is not affiliated with PCSO in any way. The prizes inside this app are exclusively given by Vuewin.
Always check your notifications to know the rewards at stake, and stay updated with the results.

You can download it here and don't forget my referral code to get 2 tickets instantly when you started the app.
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Download Vuewin at