Shop Like A Boss Babe

When I feel alone, or sometimes not in myself there's one thing that uplifts my mood and that is shopping. I think every girl can relate, but of course, most of the days shopping is one of the stress relievers for many.
Think of random things that make you smile, pretty sure shopping is on the list. I think it's a natural thing for men and women to shop for ladies, we always love to try new pieces hard to decide so sometimes we ended up buying different colors of the same kind. For every occasion, there's a suitable outfit that is why clothing brands are popular. So, I asked some of my friends why they love shopping, they said clothes are like eye candy for them, irresistible. The feeling when you enter a clothing boutique and you can't take off of your eyes into a particular item you just wanna try it on.

Let us always be proud of our appearance, appreciate ourselves, and love our self. One of the ways you can reward your self is by upgrading your wardrobe. You don't need a stylist to do it, a site called femme luxe sells a different kind of women's clothing from T-shirts, Joggers, and Loungewear and a lot more that will make all the difference to your appearance and give you the look of being powerful, confident and independent.

Because you can do almost everything online in our generation, here are my personal tips to remember when purchasing your clothes or favorite dress collection online.

Accurate Sizing
This is the first important thing you must consider, we don't want our orders to arrive and it does not fit us. It is also great when the store has different sizes available, so the customer will not look for another store for them to look at their size. Always look at the guide size.

Actual Pictures
This is intriguing because a lot of stores now use different images on the website it's like expectations vs. reality. If the model of the products item is the same in the other product or most of the items are the same models definitely that store is legit and will give you the right order the same in the picture.

Great Deals
I always look for a store that offers real deals, real discounts.

Friendly Customer Service
If the store's customer service is approachable, answering queries, surely you will not be having problems just in case you ask for an exchange of items tracking your orders.

Payment Options and Delivery
It is wise to purchase in a store where you have an option of what to use in paying your orders and the delivery, not all stores offer worldwide shipping.

Recently I placed my orders at and after viewing most of their collections, I said wow the clothes are so gorgeous and I want to try some of them too. It's hard to choose all the clothes that are beautiful and I have next in line in my mind to purchase next time when I got a chance, well after I receive my first order.

Take a look at what I ordered, don't forget also to tune in my Instagram account because I will be doing an unboxing of my package and photos trying them.

Taupe & Black Oversized Hoodie Shorts Loungewear Set - Ariyah

I bet that this loungewear set is so comfy. There are five colors to choose and it is on sale at this moment from £41.98 to  £17.99 it's 58% OFF!


Long Sleeve Loungewear Set - Jinell

I ordered the colors khaki and grey for this set, yes one is not enough for this loungewear set, it has other colors that are available too and it is also on sale at 53% OFF!

Rose Short Sleeve Boxy Loungewear Set - Lacy

This is my fourth order, the color is gorgeous plus it is cropped length. Can't wait to try it.
This set is also on sale at 63% OFF!

Have you tried to purchase at What did you order? may I see? Be a #LUXEGAL today check out their amazing clothes.

Smile. Smile often, it boosts our confidence, and also one way to make our looks good. The best thing out smiling is that it's free.