Guide To Joinery For The Ultimate Kitchen Renovations

Planning to invest in kitchen renovation for taking the value of your home to the next level? Then, joinery is something that you must consider in order to maximize the space and efficiency of the kitchen. This is basically a form of woodworking technique in which two different pieces of woods are joined together to create one useful component. What will be the appearance of the joint, its strength, lifespan, and associated properties will be based on the core joining material and the skills of the carpenter.

Traditionally, joiners are made with the use of timber wood element, but modern techniques include bindings, fasteners, and adhesives too. People who are keen on implementing bespoke items in their kitchen often consider hiring reputable joinery professionals who are able to deliver quality results and that too within their budget.

Hire A Skilled Professional for Joinery Services

When you are out there in search of a trustworthy professional make a note of their credentials and look for their portfolio to know what kind of services can be expected from them. At the end of the day, this is intricate work and for the pieces that are going to stay a part of the kitchen for generations to come, you need to ensure that you count on only the best craftsmanship for the renovation. You can opt for this to create:

  • Solid Wood Doors
  • Benchtops
  • Stair Treads
  • Cabinets
  • Tables

With the help of joinery services, you get to have durable and eye-catching elements that are multi-hued, rich and come with a rustic feel that blends beautifully with the decor and aura of your home. This makes it apart for homes you aspire to give a classic take to their kitchen renovations, preserving a minimalistic style with rooted designs.  

Getting the Best of Joinery for Various Elements of Kitchen

You can grab the best out of this woodworking method from every possible element of the kitchen and these include:
1. Doorframe
Though most of the kitchens have bid adieu to doors in the kitchen, still a frame at the entryway is crucial and this can be flawlessly built using the services of a joiner. A golden rule of thumb is that the width of this frame has to be about 86.5cm and if you plan to have doors then these must not interfere with appliances present and offer optimal space to avoid any sort of damage that might occur to the appliance or the door.

2. Triangle of Work
There is a lot that happens at the triangle of work in a kitchen. Confused about what this is? A triangle of work is basically the distance from three important workstations: the sink, the cooktop, and the refrigerator. For effective operations, the distance must be about 7.9 meters and with a leg of about 2.75m and 1.2m each.

3. Aisle
The aisle is where the essence of joinery lies. While renovating, consider the number of cooktops you plan to have and then determine what would be the appropriate aisle. In a small kitchen that would have a standard cooktop about 106 cm-wide aisles would serve the purpose, on the other hand, something about 122 will be great for larger kitchens.

4. Countertops
At last, focus on the countertops and how their style and design can be amplified with the right joinery. Make sure that the countertops are installed near the sink to work as a form of the workstation. This should be about 61 cm in depth with 4.8 meters in width.
Effective joiners are a quintessential aspect of the kitchen renovation. Therefore, look for an experienced professional who specializes in this unique woodworking method and offers just the kind of services that you need.