I ran at CNY DiverCHIty Run 2018

I have been changed my lifestyle this year 2018, I'm a housewife who always works is to take care of the family and do house chores, Almost my everyday routine.But I have to change my life the way is it for a good, For me to be able to have a good health, mentally, physically and emotionally I have to socialize and go outside the world and be with other people.I have learned this past year that being a parent is not always about taking care of the family members, You need also to take care of yourself.I started attending events and socializing this year and I noticed the huge difference, I don't feel stress most of the time now and that's a good thing.

This year, to celebrate Chinese New Year the campaign DiverCHIty is launched for all proud Chinoys in line with Chinoy TV’s 8th year anniversary acting as a pillar of the Chinese-Filipino community. The campaign aims to gather individuals/groups who share the same cause of promoting diversity, individuality, and unity amongst the Chinese- Filipino Community.
Thankful that Trendspotting is one of the Media partners of the said events and send out invites to us and I was one of the lucky who got a chance to ran in the DiverCHIty Run 2018 held at SM by the Bay last Saturday, February 17,2018.

Other bloggers friends who live far from the city opt to stay overnight in the Gran Prix Hotel at Pasay and I choose to stay overnight with them because commuting at 2 am is hard. To make the story short, I was excited at the same time tired but I made it. I have finished the 10k race with Claire and Rochelle and Sir Ralph Huertas thanks to him who invited us also finished the 10k. There are different booths from participating sponsors that gave samples and merchandises to the runners. Regine Tolentino was also present.

If you'll ask me if I will run again, yes of course but I prefer running with other people instead of alone it makes running easier and fun. This year, One of my goals is to be fit.