Gatsby Themed Party by UBP

When i started to blog way back in 2015,I had no idea that i can make friends by blogging.All i did years ago was write online,Communicate people online.Everything was online,Ofcourse i know people by their name and photos but haven't met them personally.

Last January 07,2018 Ms.Adae Ang organized a thanksgiving party for all of the members of the UBP,Luckily i was one of the member who attend and witnessed the enjoyment and meet amazing people at Cafe Romulo in Makati.

Everybody enjoyed the food that served to us.Party will never be completed without a games,Everyone participated in various games which i think it's about the prize it's about enjoyment.As a Stay at home mom like me who rarely go out for a party,I really enjoyed especially meeting people i only knew online.

With the love of generous sponsors they sent us gifts to take home that special day.

Herbalife Ph,Shakedown St Cafe,Restaurant Depot, Lola Delings Traditions, Adaes Kitchen,Allianz PNB,Egg shell, Tanduay Ph

Thanks to Ms.Adae and to all who entertained and made the party succesful.

Meeting wonderful people is priceless,This year 2018 i wanna to grow as i've entered into a working at home mom,I also wanna have more friends and be more productive as positive people sorrounded me i know it's possible.