4th Eco-Waste Management Summit: Zero Waste Month

"Strengthening Cooperation And Partnerships On Ecological Solid Waste Management For The Present And Future Generations" The Environmental Management Bureau of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources holds the Ecological Management Summit last January 25-27 2018 at ABS -CBN Vertis Tent,Quezon City,In Observance of the 16th Anniversary of RA 9003 and the 4th Zero Waste Month.

The Three Day event aims to:

● Further Boosts the DENR's Continous efforts in enhancing public awareness and understanding of environmental issues and concerns.

●Focusong on practical knowledge for effective solid waste management at source,Which includes waste segregation,Composting and recycling.

The summit presents an interactive program that will inform,Instruct and inspire particpants to take the lead towards a cleaner and greener world.Some of the activities includes seminars and talks on current environmental situations,and other informative workshops and services from Local Government Units,Non-Government Organizations,Government and private sector.

I was not able to attend the Three-Day summit i arrived at the venue on its 3rd day at 2 pm,The speaker on that time was Mr.David Balilla (Best Urban Farmer,2013 awardee) he talked about Urban Gardening i find the topic so interesting,He showed pictures where plants are planted in a plastic cup,And other stuff showing that even in urabn areas gardening is possible we just to be creative and improvised things that usually people throw aways such as plastics.He said,The most important factor in gardening was the soil,If you have good kind of soil everything will be ok,The plants will grow and you can plant more if you want to.I was amazed when he explained how to culture fish in simple way which you can culture fish in an empty water drum,How interesting.

After him,Mr.Jose Angelito Palma talked about what are the latest happenings in our planet earth,He's the President and CEO of World Wide Fund for Nature.
After him,Closing ceremony follows special recognition of local government and closing remarks.