Skin's New Bestfriend

Skincare is very important,They say that beautiful skin starts with the proper skincare regimen.Without these,All your beauty products such as foundation will not give a healthy and glowing skin.So we must start with a good skincare products.

In this post i will be sharing the newest skincare products from Novelina,Luckily i was one of the few samplers to try their amazing products.Novelina a products distributed by Tritan Ventures, Inc.,It "was incorporated in 1994 as YHK Company, Inc. as a trading company primarily interested in the production and / or distribution of cosmetic products for both the local and export markets. It then spent the next few years in pre-operational mode, developing its products and its market." It aims to be your skin's new bestfriend,The New Novelina skincare line.

Novelina's Ultra Lightening Soap and Pollution Shield

●A soap that works by gently washing the skin,lightens,rejuvenates and also provides optimum protection from pollution.
●Contains two powerful whitening ingredients (Gluthatione -master antioxidant and the Tres Blance -an expertly blendes skin whitener and it is 10x more effective than kojic soap.
●Dermatologist Tested

It does gives what it claims,Gives a lighter skin tone to me and it feels softer every after using the skin.For the size of 135g for only Php 79,I can say this whitening soap is very affordable considering that it does work.The packaging is very simple and the soap inside is still in sealed which i like because other soaps in the market are not sealed just in the box.

Novelina's High-Potency Anti-Aging Cream & Skin Lightener

● A high-potency anti-aging cream that addresses signs of aging,Lightens ans protects skin from pollution and aun damage.
●Contains 2 powerful anti-aging ingredients the collagen and snail serum with natural bioactive ingredients.
●With SPF 15
●Normal to dry skin
●Dermatologist Tested

It has an instant whitening effect on my skin and doesn't have the feeling of stingy effect after using for it's price of Php 399 for the size of 100ml i think way higher than other creams out there,Also i find it disappointing when the tube was not sealed,I used other creams like this but i prefer to be sealed in the opening so consumers like me will not have doubt in buying.Over all i like the product itself,It's just the protection seal that's missing.

Novelina' Instant Lightening Lotion and Pollution Shield

● A lotion that lightens skin instantly,rejuvenates,repairs damaged tissues and protects skin from pollution and sun damage.
● Contains two powerful whitening ingredients (Gluthatione -master antioxidant and the Tres Blance -an expertly blendes skin whitener and it is 10x more effective than kojic soap.
● Skin protection from UVA & UVB rays
●Dermatologist Tested 

Instantly gives results,You can see immediately the whitening effect that makes the skin lighter.The smell is just like the soap and cream.For me it's just like any other lotion that is affordable for its price Php199 for 200ml.The packaging however is not pleasing for me so simple that the protection seal is missing.Hope they will improve it.

Novelina's Clarity Skin Whitening Face Mask

●With advanced bamboo charcoal to help minimize whiteheads and blackheads

This face mask is so refreshing,It's like i'm puttinf an ice on my face.For the usage,Just like the usual face masks you just have to leave it on your face for about 20 minutes,What i don't like about it was the serum in it,It's like a normal liquid that drops when you get the mask inside the package and i dont like the smell maybe because it's a charcoal.But good deal for a Php65 per sachet.

Caring for your skin is very important that's why we need to be more careful in choosing brands to use.More information about Novelina's product you can check their Facebook Page here.