Crystal Infinity:Products That Can Help Bring Back Your Good Skin.

Is is in our nature to take care of our skin,Having good skin boosts our confidence.It can change many things in our lives.It's like having good and beautiful skin is a healthy skin.

When we aged wrinkles and sagging of the skin comes.There are ways to slowdown this process,Some uses "medical ways" in some they'll prefer to use good skincare.

Anti-Aging products are very common and probably most woman prefer to use.They say Beauty is Pain, and ofcourse expensive,But actually there are products that improves your basic skincare routine to give you the result you want.Take note of these two: Always Moisturize to avoid drying of the skin and avoid  exposing your skin directly under the sun,It can damage your skin and using products is useless.But hey!That's why SPF is made. It is important to use products that has SPF.

Speaking of Skincare,A Philippine Made brand Crystal Infinity is a brand that is FDA approved that sells beauty products and Skincare as well.They recieved 3 awards as of 2017 such as 2017 GOLD SEAL QUALITY AWARDEE,2017 GLOBAL EXCELLENCE AWARDEE and 2017 MOST  TRUSTED CONSUMERS BRAND AWARDEE.
Most of their products are affordable,Budget friendly and targets pinay skin-type.

Two of their products that i've got right now is their Rejuvenating Set and the Clear All (All in one Gel).

Crystal Infinity Rejuvenating set

●Mild Formulation
●Safe for pregnant and lactating moms
●Minimal peeling
●Natural Base
●Renew Damage Skin

Php 280
Set includes:
 •Rejuvenating Toner (Suitable for all skin type)
 •Night Cream
 • Sun Protection Gel
 • Rejuvenating Cream
 • Bar Soap

You can see at the label of the box on how to use the regimen.Take time to read the labels. ☺
Results may vary depending on your skin type.If irritation occurs stop using the product.

Clear All 
All In One Gel

Multi purpose Gel that you can use in many skin problems such as eye bag,Varicose veins,Stretchmarks and other.Just apply directly on affected area.Use as often as needed.


Check out their Facebook page for more lists of products and how you can buy